Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Schwinn Free Wheeler ST Double Jogging Stroller Reviews

The Schwinn Free Wheeler ST Double Jogging Stroller is just the right stroller for you if you are looking for a stroller that has amazing value for money features as well as a stroller that is easy to use and comfortable and safe for children.

This stroller is easy to maneuver in turns as well as tight spaces due to the 12 inch swivel front wheel. Complementing the front swivel wheel is the 16 inch rear wheel which makes it easy for you to move the stroller easily on different landscapes.

The stroller also features a large storage space under the seat where you can store your baby’s items as well as other necessities and there is a parent tray where you can store other items such as creams and more. The stroller also has a canopy that provides adequate coverage from sunlight.

The other notable feature of the stroller is that the rear wheels of this double stroller have an impressive suspension that ensures that your baby has a safe and secure ride. The seats can comfortably carry 100 pounds of weight. The Schwinn Free Wheeler Double stroller can also be easily folded and stored away easily as it does not occupy a lot of space once folded.

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Schwinn Free Wheeler ST Double Jogging Stroller features:

The stroller weighs around 33 pounds and can carry a weight of up to 100 pounds.
The unfolded dimensions of the stroller are 32 inches width x 54 inches depth x 42 inches height.
The folded dimensions of the stroller are 32 inches width x 34 inches depth x 20.5 inches height.
The stroller has a 16 inch rear wheel and 12 inch from swivel wheel
Suspension systems are also available on the rear wheels thus keeping the ride smooth for your baby
The storage areas in the stroller include a parent tray and the basket.
The stroller is covered by a 5 year limited warranty.
The stroller has a canopy that acts as a shield against sun as well as rain.

Schwinn Free Wheeler ST Double Jogging Stroller reviews:

The Schwinn Free Wheeler ST Double Jogging Stroller has received several positive reviews as well as a few negative ones.

Amongst the positive reviews that this product has received the main highlights have been the solidity of the stroller and it’s security as well as the safety that it provides to the children in the stroller when compared to the other strollers. Positive reviews have also highlighted the compact folded dimensions of the stroller as well as the storage space, especially the parent tray.

The adjustable handle also has received positive remarks as well as the reclining seats. Many others have complemented the swivel wheel of this stroller and the fact that this stroller can go over all types of terrain.

Many owners complimented the canopy and the excellent coverage that it offers to the babies in the stroller, although others felt that the coverage that the canopy provided was a little on the small side.

As far as the negative reviews go, most of the customers feel that climbing in and out of the stroller is not very easy. They have also highlighted the fact that the straps are not easy to adjust, and the lack of child snack tray.